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We are a team of board minded IT professionals who are ready to work out solutions for customers' problem. After understanding customer's problem, we do not think about how program should be coded but how the problem should be dealed with. With our expenience dealing with different customers and business models, we can usually come up with some new thoughts and ideas. We would like to share some solution example that we made for our customers:

  • Case 1 - Customer: We bought and downloaded 40 thousands of business contacts for direct marketing and we got all the contacts in a text file in random format, do you have any suggestion on how we should use these contacts?
    Solution 1 - We analysed the text file and created a FileMaker solution to convert the text file into a database. Emails were then ready to be sent from FileMaker. To cope with the antispam policy and limitations, we also applied controls on email dispatch frequiency, checked the A Record setting for the customer, provided advises on keywords and SMTP to be used etc... Since the customer had already purchased FileMaker licenses before, they did not need to buy it again.
    There was a similar case that a factory customer who produce OEM product for a brand product and the brand company were doing B2C businesses. The factory got a PDF file with hundreds of orders everyday they needed to ship the orders on the day and they found it very time consuming handling the B2C shipments. We found a way for the customer to import the PDF form data into FileMaker and craeted a printing module to print out delivery order form of courier and allow them to insert the tracking number back into the system by barcode scanning. It reduced the time of shipment handling greatly.

  • Case 2 - Customer: The performance of our email server is getting worse, what should we do?
    Solution 2 - The email server and setup were powerful enough to handle their emails. The cause of the problem was because their staff used to send large attachments to colleagues, they found it convenient sharing files by email and they could always read through the history and information being sent together with the files. They tended to migrate to Microsoft Exchange service. Finally, we came up with a solution of a communication board created with FileMaker. we created the board for users on which they could post messages like a discussion forum with user and group management. They could attach files on threads/replies and attached files can be opened with a button click. Attached files are being stored on the server as reference storage(being stored on the server harddrive and the database only stores a reference link to the file). This way files will not be embedded into the database which result in smaller file size and better performance. The customer was happy with the solution and the cost was much lower than migrating the email system.

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  • There will be a seminar introducing the advantage of migrating to FileMaker. Seminar information will be announced soon
  • FileMaker Beijing introducing FileMaker in IFC and Festival Walk Apple Store, special thanks to our customer Maxroy Insurance Consultants Limited and Hono Family Educational Centre for sharing their experience on using FileMaker solutions.

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